DJBB Loopmaker (Max for Live device)

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A Max for Live utility to help with de-clicking, looping, and one-click exporting to an output folder.


I chop a lot of homemade noodling sessions / vinyl record rips into loops, but I couldn't find a way to do this workflow in Ableton in a non-annoying way:

  • Chop a perfect loop from a piece of audio
  • Apply small fade to beginning and end to avoid clicks (would require resampling)
  • Optionally adjust playback speed of sample (again, resampling required)
  • One-click export to pre-determined output folder for further sorting / upload
  • Retain the original filename somewhere in the new one (I often put BPM, Key info there and don't want to re-type it).

How you might use it

With this device, my workflow looks like this:

  1. Drag in folder of samples to process.
  2. Set output folder.
  3. Find fun loops in samples, clicking the record button to capture.
  4. click "Export" whenever you hear something fun in the output buffer.
  5. Check out your output folder to find your new perfectly looped goodies.


  • Variable speed playback - easily slow down / speed up looped selection, then export.
  • One click loop export. No file overwriting (so click away).
  • Fade time can be applied to reduce clicking
  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate (click (?) icon in top left of device)
  • Ability to normalize input and output samples.


  • WAV files only for now
  • Can't drag folders directly from Ableton - must be from finder / explorer
  • ??? probably others.. lemme know

If there is interest, I may develop a version with more features.

!! Requires Max for Live license !! (You already have it if you own Ableton Suite)

NOTE: I have not tested on Windows.. let me know if you have any issues.

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DJBB Loopmaker (Max for Live device)

6 ratings
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