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DJBB Midi Loopster Mailing List

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If the below sounds cool to you, "buy" this for $0 and enter your email. I'll only send you updates about this and you can opt out whenever. Probs talking like 3 emails.

This isn't a real product - simply a way to collect emails of those interested.

I'm using this as a way to collect emails of folks interested in my new open source DIY midi controller - the DJBB Midi Loopster. I'm using Gumroad because, well, it's the easiest way for me to manage email lists right now.

See it in action here:

Work in Progress Build Guide here:

also GitHub


  • 4x4 cherry style switches as drum pads.
  • 1 x endless encoder w/ switch
  • Sends midi via USB or 3.5 mm TRS (use a converter to use with full size midi)
  • experimental play mode - turn encoder to send midi messages
  • midi looper - make and overdub loops of midi notes to send to whatever.
  • Scale select
  • cute lil oled screen
  • easy to customize software if you know Python (CircuitPython)
  • open source
  • Powered by Raspberry Pi Pico

I plan on selling build kits, pcbs, and a limited amount of fully built and tested units with 3D printed or Walnut enclosures. I'll notify this mailing list first.

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DJBB Midi Loopster Mailing List

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