DJBB - Warb Sample Pack

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Warbly and warm pads / melodic material, field recordings + ambience, and Tape FX. All sounds recorded and processed by me.

Samples were run through a Sansui QD-5500 Reel to Reel player while manually messing with the tape (flicking, forcing it to slow down / speed up, etc.). Tape sound can be replicated in the box well enough, but it's tough to match the unpredictable nature of tape that is actively being modulated while recording!

Tape FX were created by recording button clicks from multiple machines, tape start/stop noises, tape FF and RW noises, and cassette manipulation (inserting, opening closing cases, etc.). They were then run through a reel to reel machine to impart some tape flavor, and to generate some unique effects. They range from clean-ish, to wild and noisy alien-ish sound FX. These are also available on their own - see versions.

Sound Demos: SoundCloud | YouTube


Full Pack Includes:

30 Drum hits and Loops

37 Pads & Melodic Samples

18 Ambience & SFX Samples

56 Tape SFX

11 Wildcard

Total: 152 Samples / 327 Mb (unzipped)

Format: 48 kHz / 16 bit or higher

Warb Tape FX Only Includes:

56 Tape SFX (listen)

Format: 48 kHz / 16 bit or higher

Free Demo Includes:

To get this: Select the Free Demo version, and enter $0.

Instead of providing a demo pack with a handful of sounds, the demo actually includes ALL of the samples, but in one huge mp3 file (320 kbps). This way you can download and check it out completely. Or download it and slice it up yourself if ya short on cash, no worries.

Format: 320 kbps mp3

The Process

  • Pick a piece of equipment (see list below)

  • Generate sounds with said equipment, and feed directly into the recording reel to reel machine

  • After a long take, rewind the reel and record back into the computer, while messing with the tape (applying pressure to the reel to modulate the playback speed, flick the tape, etc.)

  • Repeat this step until something cool comes out

  • Chop the samples, fix any phase issues, equalize, normalize, and export

  • Repeat this whole thing hella times

Equipment Used

  • Yamaha DX7

  • Novation Summit

  • Sansui QD-5500 Reel to Reel

  • Cassette Player

  • Ableton Live

  • Zoom H2N Mic

  • Some mid-tier Fender Guitar (idk lol)

Contact / Licensing

Twitter: @DjBajaBlast



100% Royalty Free - do whatever ya want

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DJBB - Warb Sample Pack

9 ratings
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