DJBB - Word Soup Sample Pack

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DJBB - Word Soup Sample Pack

DJ Baja Blast
21 ratings


I have ripped and processed quite a few obscure cassette tapes over the past few years, and have been releasing lil packs. I focus mainly on complete phrases in those packs, but I also have a larrrrge collection of individual words, all labelled for easy searching.

> 2500 Words (some are short phrases)

Format: 16bit / 41 kHhz wav (minimum) / 462 mb

Contact / Etc

Check out my new siteFollow me on Twitter for updates... Or on Gumroad

If you wanna support my sampling ventures, but don't wanna pay for free samples, check out this DJBB sticker sheet

you can get the full version for free by clicking here. If you do pay, I really appreciate it, and will use the $$ to buy more tapes to rip. As these are ripped from various tapes, etc. that I don't own the copyright to, you're paying for the service of me buying / ripping / chopping / manually re-naming the samples, which as you can imagine, takes some time. But again, you can also not pay :).

I want this!

> 2500 (!!) Labelled Words & Short Phrases


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