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DJBB - New Subliminal Stop Smoking Spoken Word Sample Pack (Free)

DJBB - New Spoken Word Cassette Rip Sample Pack (free)

New DJBB Unclear! + New Website

New Free Field Recs + a short run of DJBB Invented Tape Loop Gadgets

DJBB Unclear! 2.9 + Bonus Field Recs (African Drums, etc.)

Some more free sample packs: DJBB - Unclear 2.8 + field recordings from friends

DJBB - Guided Meditation Tapes 2

DJBB - new Guided Meditation Tapes Sample Pack + another Unclear! pack

DJBB - 2 New Sample Packs (Spoken word, some more uncleared stuff)

DJBB Unclear 2.0 - New samples for ya (but be careful, etc.)

Some More Tape Vox fa free ~~ How to Feel Exceptional ~~

DJBB Loopmaker (Free Max for Live Device) ----- IGNORE IF YOU DON'T USE ABLETON

New Sample Series - Unclear! (free, but beware)